Hannah - San Diego Zoo

Watching Hannah grow up has been so amazing on so many levels. There's the sheer joy and love of having and caring for a precious child. But as we creep up on her first birthday (in a few weeks), one of my favorite things in the world is just to sit back and watch her. I love to observe how she goes about observing the world around her. I enjoy seeing the ways that she explores new things. As she studies objects and textures and sounds and faces, I am constantly in awe of how deeply in thought an infant (at least this one) can get. If anything, it's been a collection of wonderful opportunities to reflect on the idea of discovery, and how we've grown up doing it. I wonder if I spend enough time and energy wondering these days. As a photographer and artist, I'm striving to learn how to be a little more childlike in the way I look past my preconceived notions of what's around me and relearn how to see the world beyond my lens anew.

So a few weeks ago, we took Hannah to the San Diego Zoo for the first time, since we just bought annual passes, and my sister Elsbeth was visiting from LA. This was a chance to enjoy watching Hannah see new things, but it was also a chance for me to capture that sense of wonder -- both Hannah's and my own. The collection of images below are probably not the most technically sound, but I think they convey a sense of discovery that I'd like to re-inject into my photography.

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