Fashion Shoot - Nevada State Line

As a wedding photographer, I often find it personally rewarding when faced with challenging assignments that push my boundaries, whether it's a set of difficult circumstances or whether it's something I've just never done before. I get to stretch as an artist while I explore new territory and flex my creative & technical muscles while I think on my feet. Last week, I had a special opportunity to do all of the above when I was invited to participate in a multi-photographer, multi-model shoot out in the desert (Primm, Nevada state line) while I was visiting Las Vegas for the annual WPPI convention. The shoot was fashion-themed. Oh, and it was super-windy and at most like 40-degrees out there.

I usually shoot portraits and weddings, so this was definitely an interesting change of pace and style that required me to think differently than usual. Even my post-processing had to be a little different. Take a look at the images in the gallery below to view the afternoon from my perspective.

Special thanks to my friends at Ohana Photographers, who did all the legwork in putting the session together, from contact photographers to getting models and hair/makeup artists.

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