Engagment Session - Stephen & Cherrilyn (Los Angeles, CA)

Stephen + Cherrilyn = one of the cutest couples you'll ever see. They're both really gentle, kind, and extremely talented and artistic. They care for each other deeply, have loads of goofy fun together, and both of them are always genuinely looking out for the best interests of the other. And honestly, none of that is an exaggeration!

When Stephen (who happens to be an old junior high and high school classmate) and Cherrilyn (who happens to be my beautiful sister-in-law) got engaged this summer, they contacted me right away to book me for their upcoming January wedding. Fast-forward a few months, and it was time to shoot their engagement session. Even though Stephen had hurt his back the day before and Cherrilyn had been having a bad morning, we turned it all around! We managed to get around San Marino and Downtown L.A. and capture some amazing images and have buckets of fun doing so.

Here are some highlights from the day:

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Stephen & Cherrilyn, thank you for trusting me to do my thing. I could not ask for better clients. And I could not be happier for you two! Finding your perfect partner and sharing your lives together may be completely different from the romanticized pictures we have growing up, yet they are so much better in so many ways. I wish you the best and can't wait until your wedding day!