Araba & Ishmael - South Pasadena, CA

A few weeks ago, I met up with Araba and Ishmael to do an engagement session at a park that was over an hour's drive away from Ishmael's house. Apparently, this place holds a lot of meaning for the two of them, as it was the place where they first decided to be a couple, along with several other milestones in their relationship. This made the session extra-special for me, and certainly for them, which made for some beautiful moments.

Araba and Ishmael -- thanks for braving the crazy weather and the horrible drive to share the afternoon with me. Every time I see you two together, I can't help but smile at the genuine connection you have with each other and how your personalities just beam and glow. I'm grateful for the opportunity to witness it again and even be able to see it through the lens of a camera.