Anti-Workshop - Las Vegas, NV

I just got back (on Saturday night) from Vegas, where I attended the Anti-Workshop, taught by John Michael & Dalisa Cooper from AltF and Doug & Chenin Boutwell. Three and a half days of intensive learning, shooting, thinking, and networking with some of the best photographers in the nation -- what an incredible experience.

An image from the first day of shooting... I'll leave a little mystery for you to guess what the actual assignment was. Let's just say it involved toting a life-sized cardboard-cutout of Elvis around downtown LV and shooting with a Polaroid camera.

Day Two's shooting assignment incorporated real-live models (past clients of the Coopers') and a photo scavenger hunt. Clinton and Tina are locals who own a wedding venue business. Oh, and they're super-attractive.

Thank you Doug, Chenin, John, and Dalisa. The last few days with you was so much more than just an academic exercise for me. I will be forever grateful for how much you poured into us this week. To you and to all my fellow students, thank you for opening yourselves up to us and being so generous with your minds, your hearts, your experience, your wisdom, and your art.