Sidney & Sabrina - Wedding - Coronado, CA

This weekend, I had the wonderful privilege of photographing Sidney & Sabrina's wedding in sunny Coronado, CA. (Special thanks to Leon for coming out and 2nd-shooting with me.)

Here's a picture from the engagment session we did together back in November, which they used in their guestbook. =)

The beautiful bride...

I love seeing the expression on a groom's face when he sees his bride appear through the doorway...

Excited to be married, practically running down the aisle... =)

The obligatory cake-cutting, AKA cake-smashing-into-bride's-face...

I think Sabrina forgave Sidney for that though...

They even went home together. =)

Thank you, Sidney and Sabrina, for allowing me to be a part of your special day and letting me capture it in the form I know best. It was tons of fun for me, and I know your guests had a great tiime as well. Enjoy Italy! Eat lots!

Christyn - Maternity Session - San Diego, CA

My beautiful wife at 30 weeks...

Anti-Workshop - Las Vegas, NV

I just got back (on Saturday night) from Vegas, where I attended the Anti-Workshop, taught by John Michael & Dalisa Cooper from AltF and Doug & Chenin Boutwell. Three and a half days of intensive learning, shooting, thinking, and networking with some of the best photographers in the nation -- what an incredible experience.

An image from the first day of shooting... I'll leave a little mystery for you to guess what the actual assignment was. Let's just say it involved toting a life-sized cardboard-cutout of Elvis around downtown LV and shooting with a Polaroid camera.

Day Two's shooting assignment incorporated real-live models (past clients of the Coopers') and a photo scavenger hunt. Clinton and Tina are locals who own a wedding venue business. Oh, and they're super-attractive.

Thank you Doug, Chenin, John, and Dalisa. The last few days with you was so much more than just an academic exercise for me. I will be forever grateful for how much you poured into us this week. To you and to all my fellow students, thank you for opening yourselves up to us and being so generous with your minds, your hearts, your experience, your wisdom, and your art.

Araba & Ishmael - South Pasadena, CA

A few weeks ago, I met up with Araba and Ishmael to do an engagement session at a park that was over an hour's drive away from Ishmael's house. Apparently, this place holds a lot of meaning for the two of them, as it was the place where they first decided to be a couple, along with several other milestones in their relationship. This made the session extra-special for me, and certainly for them, which made for some beautiful moments.

Araba and Ishmael -- thanks for braving the crazy weather and the horrible drive to share the afternoon with me. Every time I see you two together, I can't help but smile at the genuine connection you have with each other and how your personalities just beam and glow. I'm grateful for the opportunity to witness it again and even be able to see it through the lens of a camera.

Jake at 12 Weeks - San Diego, CA

Back in January, I had the wonderful privilege of visiting with Dave and Brooke and take pictures of their rockstar son Jake. Check out these images of their cute little bundle of joy. (Isn't it amazing how many expressions babies are able to make even this early in their development?)

Dave and Brooke -- I had an incredible time! Your love for your son is so deep and so apparent, I can only hope that Christyn and I are as good parents when it's our turn!

Baby Showor - Pasadena, CA

I often find humor in the little things. This was a gift we recently received at a baby shower.

Garfield Park - South Pasadena, CA

I was having a pretty rough afternoon a few weeks back -- it was dark, cold, and rainy, and my clients were running about an hour late due to the crazy traffic (no fault of their own, obviously). But while waiting for them to arrive, I walked around the park and a few things caught my eye.


Our good friends Andrew and Emily (along with our housemate Christopher) helped me paint Baby's room a few weeks ago. Here are a few shots of Christyn putting on some finishing touches. Can you guess what the theme is?